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Olivocap® spray for removing earwax

Available volumes 15 ml and 40 ml.

Innovative preparation in a spray, dissolving and removing earwax. Preparation for adults and children over 3 months old.

What is earwax ?

Earwax , otherwise known as cerumen, is a natural secretion of the ear glands. Excessive amount of earwax can cause unwanted effects, such as hearing impairment, discomfort, pain, cough. Hearing impairment occurs when accumulated earwax deposits block the ear canal limiting or preventing easy access of sound waves to the eardrum. Discomfort or pain may occur when excess earwax puts pressure on the eardrum. Coughing may occur if the earwax plug stimulates the nerves that are common to the ear canal and throat, causing the sensation of “tickling in the throat”.


Olivocap® is a 100% natural spray for removing earwax, while additionally moisturizing the ear canal, preventing earwax to build up again, combining the features of a mechanical cleaning agent and the features of supporting the self-cleaning process of ears from earwax.

Cleaning earwax

  • helps remove earwax plugs,
  • helps prevent the formation of earwax plugs – supports the natural self-cleaning process of the ear from earwax.

Protection against infection

Olivocap® spray for removing earwax helps protect the ears against infections during contact with water, e.g.: “swimmer’s ear”,
Olivocap® spray for removing earwax creates a protection barrier from water entering the ear.

Application and directions for use

For earwax plug

  • spray 1-2 doses into the ear from 3 to 5 times a day until the earwax is dissolved.

For prevention

  • spray 1-2 doses into each ear, 1 to 2 times per week, in order to prevent the formation of earwax plugs and daily hygiene of the ear canal,]
  • spray 1-2 doses into each ear directly before swimming in a swimming pool or other water basin.

The ear canal does not require washing after applying the preparation.

Olivocap® spray for removing earwax:

  • does not contain water – wet earwax can be an excellent breeding ground for bacteria
  • does not contain preservatives
  • contains 100% natural ingredients