Mum and Dad’s questions

Dear Mums and Dads!

We’d like to thank you that you are here with us, and in interest for your children’s health you ask us many questions. That is why you will find a few of them below with our replies. We are abolishing myths and emphasising the truths on cleaning the ears of our children. We’ll regularly reply to your questions.

Asia, Mum of 2-year-old Laura
Is it enough to clean ears twice a week?

TRUE: earwax in the ear canals protects our ears from infections. Therefore, it should not be removed too often, since then we are ridding our ears of natural protection. At the overproduction of earwax, as well as if the ear canal is narrow, such cleaning of earwax is necessary in order to prevent the formation of earwax plugs and infection. It is definitely enough to clean ears only 2 times a week.

Tomasz, Dad of 6-month-old Michał
My son has a lot of earwax in his ears. In addition to OLIVOCAP can I remove this excess with a cotton bud?

MYTH: it is not recommended to use ear cotton buds, even those for infants, thicker at the base. Why? In this way we can damage not only the eardrum, but also push the earwax deep into the ear canal, which leads to its clogging. The interior of the pinna is best cleaned with OLIVOCAP PALUSZAK ear cleaner sprayed with OLIVOCAP. With the cleaner soaked in warm water you can also wash the earlobes and areas behind the ears. Dry the washed places thoroughly at the end.

Weronika, Mum of 4-month-old Zuza
I would love to sign my child up for swimming lessons. However, I read that at such a young age, you should protect the ears against contact with water. How can I protect her ears so that the water does not enter them?

MYTH: for 9 months of fetal life, amniotic fluids got into the ears, so the ear is accustomed to water. However, if inflammation of the ear canal is found or the perforation of the eardrum, the doctor will surely recommend protecting the ear from water until full recovery. In other cases, one must protect the ears against the excess of water. We can then apply OLIVOCAP which will lubricate the ear canal and facilitate the immediate escape of water from the ear canal directly after bathing. Before the child enters the water, we apply 1 dose of the preparation into each ear, and in this way we protect the ear canal from bacteria, infections and water.

Kasia, Mum of 18-month-old Mateusz
I recently read a lot about worsening hearing as a result of various factors like noise, and even environmental pollution. Is there a method to protect a child’s hearing?

TRUE: Proper ear hygiene contributes to protecting our hearing, both in children and adults. To this end, it is worth applying a preparation removing excess earwax into each year 1-2 times a week. We use only preparations that don’t contain water, having the ingredient Squalan, as thanks to it we are removing only excess earwax in a natural way, while leaving a protective barrier in the ear canal. In addition to this, of course, also only those preparations which are appropriate for our child’s age.