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It’s not voice mutation

…unfortunately it’s hoarseness again!

Is your voice quietened, dull, hoarse? Do you feel a scratching and burning in your throat? Do you feel that you keep needing to clear your throat?

The cause of a hoarse voice can be: colds, laryngitis or inflammation of the trachea, strain of the vocal cords due to intense speaking (teachers, actors), singing, screaming, irritation of the larynx by dry (air conditioning, radiators) or polluted air (cigarette smoke), breathing cold air through the mouth, consuming cold drinks and meals (especially in summer), allergies, alcohol abuse, the use of inhaled steroids (e.g. in the treatment of asthma).

Prolonged symptoms of a hoarse voice requires consulting with an ENT specialist and/or phoniatrist, who, depending on the suspected cause, will recommend additional non-invasive tests.
The treatment of dry pharyngitis mainly consists in establishing the potential factors that may be contributing to the changes taking place in the pharyngeal mucous membrane.

Regardless of the factor causing mucosal dryness, it is worth using preparations that lubricate locally, e.g. OLIVOCAP GARDŁO spray, which contains vitamin A + E. The preparation can be used both for children and adults. Vitamin A + E, in addition to lubricating, also accelerates the regeneration of the epithelium, which is vital for a hoarse voice, being the consequence of harmful agents drying the mucous membranes. The prophylactic use of preparations on a drying pharyngeal mucous membrane aimed at protecting the walls of the pharyngeal mucous membrane OLIVOCAP GARDŁO lubricating spray with vit. A+E protects us against relapses of hoarseness.
At home, you should take care of the proper hydration of the air and its constant availability even during autumn and winter. Another important element is to ensure proper hydration of the organism. It is equally important to spare the speech organ.

Katarzyna Drozdowska
Children’s diseases specialist