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Is the child deaf, or does it not want to listen?

These difficult questions have been troubling parents for years. Does my child have a problem with hearing? Or perhaps it’s an upbringing issue, because my child “by turning off” does not want to listen? As much as 15-20% of children and adolescents at school-age have all sorts of problems associated with hearing. Almost 60% of […]

It’s not voice mutation

…unfortunately it’s hoarseness again! Is your voice quietened, dull, hoarse? Do you feel a scratching and burning in your throat? Do you feel that you keep needing to clear your throat? The cause of a hoarse voice can be: colds, laryngitis or inflammation of the trachea, strain of the vocal cords due to intense speaking […]


The throat is a space that extends from the base of the skull right down to the larynx. It is a common part of the respiratory tract (nose – throat – larynx) and gastrointestinal tract (oral cavity – throat – oesophagus). The wall of the throat is made up of layers: mucosa, submucosa tissue and […]

Hearing report

Are there situations when you don’t perfectly understand sentences addressed to you? Do you get the feeling that everyone is talking more quietly? Are you ashamed to ask someone to repeat, because you didn’t understand? Or maybe you have the feeling that your ear is “clogged”? We frequently don’t realize that we are losing our […]

When a child cannot hear

5-20% of children and adolescents at school-age have all sorts of problems associated with hearing. Almost 60% of parents of children in whom hearing impairments have been found, had no awareness of the existence of this problem. The diagnosis that a child cannot hear or has hypoacusia is always a shock to the parents, even […]

Cotton bud or olive oil?

Little Tommy visits the doctor, his ear hurts, blood is seeping. Is it a virus causing this? No! If only mum hadn’t cleaned the ears with a cotton bud, then she wouldn’t have injured them. When wondering about how to begin a few words to you, I made up this sad, and unfortunately true, rhyme. […]