5-plane innovation

Unique composition

Olivocap provides an extremely effective effect due to the unique complex of carefully selected active substances.


Unique extract based on olive oil. The composition and structure of Squalan has been based on the structure of earwax naturally present in the external ear canal. Thanks to this, Squalan easily penetrates the structure of earwax, breaking up the mass into small fragments and dissolving them. This allows for quick and safe removal of earwax from the ear canal.

Olive oil

Assists the effect of Squalan. It is easily distributed in the ear canal, effectively transporting melted earwax to the outside of the ear canal. At the same time it lubricates and soothes irritations of the ear canal’s walls. Helps protect against infections.

Mint oil

Cools and relieves the surfaces of the external ear canal. At the same time, it eliminates the unpleasant smell of earwax.

Recommended for children and infants

Due to the 100% composition of natural vegetable oils and lack of preservatives, Olivocap can be safely used in children and infants over 3 months old.

No preservatives. No water.

Olivocap’s formula is based on natural vegetable oils. It does not contain preservatives or water. Thanks to this, it ensures effective and safe care of the external ear canal.

Convenient spray.

Thanks to the convenient and safe spray form, Olivocap can be applied in any position. It is distributed evenly on the surface of the ear canal. It does not require time-consuming preparations, and application is fast and safe.

Exceptionally efficient. One application = one dose.

Thanks to efficient, carefully measured doses, a single application (one spray) is enough to bring into the ear canal the optimal quantity of the product. There is no need to apply the product more than once during one use.